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     I am so pleased that someone recommended Chiswick Cleaning Company to me, their cleaning services are so great and very affordable, which is perfect for me on a budget.
Karl Gilbert19/05/2020
     The Chiswick Carpet Cleaning offers the best cleaning services to use. The staff is so nice and professional. My regular cleaners are the best. They leave my house spotless and take that extra time and effort to make sure my house looks clean and fresh.
Tom P.19/09/2019
     I wanted a spring clean service on my house as the weather cheered up. The winter had left a lot of dust and grime so I booked a thorough clean from a local company called ChiswickCarpetCleaners.The staff arrived with plenty of cleaning gear, and got on with dusting, washing walls, mopping, vacuuming and polishing. Nothing was missed the place looked wonderful at the end of the day. The rate was goo too.
Carl L.27/02/2015
     Cleaning my home was a job I used to enjoy, but ill health meant that I couldn't get done everything that I wanted to. My friend suggested I hire a cleaning company, and I chose to call ChiswickCarpetCleaners. I expected the cleaners to complain at my high standards, but it turned out they were just as fussy about the quality of their job as I was! It's good to have cleaners who care about what they do, and it means I always get a service of the highest quality. Very impressive!
Cathy Wilkins29/01/2015
     Don't think I've ever been this impressed with a service before, certainly have not had the desire to leave a review. Still, ChiswickCarpetCleaners have been really helpful in the last few weeks and I wanted to show my thanks for the help which they've provided. They've managed to turn what was a bit of a stressful period into a cool and calm one. Can't think of a single complaint I would make and I would encourage everyone who is looking for this kind of service to get in touch with them and see what they have to offer.
P. Holt07/01/2015
     When the need for a professional cleaning service arises, there is a certain standard that needs to be met. There's no wishy-washy adequacy here, I demand high quality above all else. It took a fair bit of shopping, but eventually I came across a cleaning company that was well worth my time. ChiswickCarpetCleaners took my high standards to heart, and gave my home a good cleaning. They impressed me so much that I may end up hiring them to clean the cafe next time! Will definitely be hiring again, and I have already encouraged others to do the same.
Serge Smith21/08/2014
     ChiswickCarpetCleaners is the best cleaning firm I have ever worked with. I have had the occasion to hire several firms over the last few years to see to my office cleaning and this firm were far and abode the best. Their operators helped me to get the right services and for a great deal, so I was happy with them from the beginning. Their team came to my workplace for a trail run and they exceeded all of my expectations. They were able to vacuum, wash, wipe disinfect, etc within a short time, though still providing a thorough result. They passed the trial with ease and I will absolutely hire them on a recurring basis.
Paul Addison20/06/2014
     I really do hate cleaning, and have never been able to find the motivation to do it on any level. When I noticed the effect this was having on my partner, I decided to do something about it by hiring a cleaner. My friend recommended ChiswickCarpetCleaners, and they have now been cleaning our home for a considerable time. They go about their business professionally, and our cleaner is really friendly. My partner is happy as a result and I do not have to get involved with the tasks I really dread. All in all a win-win.
J. Thomas02/12/2013

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